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Website last updated 12 April 2018

10 April 2018


Bog Brown in Thistle Cave



Meriel Woodward in Sand Cavern, Gaping Gill

20 May 2017

Graham Owens on the big pitch in Bar Pot




18 March 2017

Fred Rattray in Runsar Cave


3 March 2017

Well equipped cave diver/digger Kevin Gannon at the entrance of Dob Dale Cave on 3 March.  Since Dave Ryall's successful dive into Dob Dale II in June 2009 the way through has been partly blocked with sediment.  Kevin tried to clear it with a rake but the mud slumped back.  Removing with a bucket while Bog raked it away was more successful but it needs a longer stint with more manpower and a warmer temperature.

February 23

We expected heavy rain but the forecast was wrong and Hull Pot was unspectacuar. John McKay's aerial video is worth watching though.



February 21 2017

Pete Monk with a novel tool for clearing mud from the inlet passage at the Mincemeat Aven rising sump.  In the event we didn't use it.  We spent the day trying to gain lost ground as nature tries to regain its hold on the passage we are digging out.  We haven't actually made any progress for some time now

February 15 2017


Jacob Frankland in a well known cave in the Yorkshire Dales, but where?

December 31 2016

Jacob Frankland in Upper Long Churn

December 21 2016

Winter Solstice at Jubilee Cave

October 12 2016

Andy Farrow lifelining on the Dolly Tubs pitch, Lower Long Churn

May 25 2016

Wendy Thorp enjoying the weather at the Haggs Brow excavations


21 May 2016

Graham Owen at the top of the last pitch in Bar Pot.

23 April 2016

Pete Bann in Great Douk on the day of our AGM

13 January 2016


Richard Bendall at the start of Notts II Inlet 6.5¾ on January 6 2016.  The excavated passages of Inlets 6.5¾ were inundated during the floods and the sides have collapsed dramatically.  Both inlets are now blocked part way in.  Click on the picture to see  the video. 

26 September 2015

Kevin Gannon in Dob Dale Cave after returning from the sump.  Kevin is planning a dive in Dob Dale and wanted to check out a few things beforehand.



26 July 2015


Tim Sullivan wall repariing at Yordas Wood, Conservation Day, 1 July 2015

10 June 2015

BPC members Jimmy and Fred Rattray in radio contact between GG Sand Caverns and the surface.  They've finally cracked it but there is more work before it becomes possible with affordalbe apparatus

30 April 2015

A broken millstone on the side of Ingelborough.  Inspired by the work of the Ingleborough Archaeology Group's survey of the western flank of Ingleborough we went looking for millstones and signs of stone working.  

See the pictures in the Photo Gallery


18 April 2015

John Dixon Memorial Walk

I got to know John Dixon after reading a very interesting little snippet in The Forest of Bowland, Ribchester & Hurst Green, Ribble Valley and Pendleside: “During recent [April/May 2004] pipe-laying operations, that necessitated boring under the river at Brungerley, a very large cave was discovered on the Clitheroe side of the Ribble below Moorlands School at a point known as ‘dangerous corner’.  So large was the void that the pipeline had to be diverted for suspension reasons.  Could this be the ‘lost’” Hermits Cave where once King Henry hid?”.

The Boggarts went to great lengths to discover where this cave had actually been found, but whatever opening had once been unearthed was now well and truly filled in.

 I subsequently talked to John on a number of occasions about other caves and mines in the area and he was always most generous with his information.  He knew obscure little places he had noted in his wanderings and was always willing to share.  His writings are full of local history with a smattering of archaeology but mainly it was the people interest and not the sites themselves that he wanted to capture.

John died in 2012 and, today,  upwards of 80 people came to walk round Houghton Bottoms – close to where he spent his youth – to remember John and pay tribute to him for the wealth of information he shared with us on his walks and in his books. 

See the photos in the photo gallery


29 March 2015


Draining a sump somewhere in the Dales on March 25


1 March 2015

Graham Owen, a blind caver in Yordas Pot on 6 February.   Click on the picture to see the video



12 January 2015

Latest Boggarts newsletter now available in the newsletter archive. 

18 December

John Cooper in Gunnerfleet Cave (Lower) on 17 December.  The large soft red stalactite in Gunnerfleet Upper is all but gone.  The trouble with removing rubbish and making caves accessible is that people go in and destroy the formations.

Little Green Men widening and deeping the stream as part of the Natural England/CNCC conservation exercise to restore the entrance to Providence Pot. 

25 November

Hauling a dead sheep out of Marble Steps Pot on 6 November.  The sheep was well down the gulley and threatening to make things very unpleasnt for cavers if not removed quickly.  

6 November


James Hillsdon in Upper Long Churn Cave on October 29

9 October

Rachel Harper in Kingsdale last Tuesday after an interesting filming session in Yordas Cave

20 September

Bog Brown in Goyden Pot on September 20.  It is still possible to get into the Goyden streamway but avoid the Main Chamber route which is still very dangerous and liable to collapse.

10 September

Natural England volunteers clearing rubbish from Daimler Hole on 5 September

3 September

Pete Monk near the top of Stac Pollaidh on 28 August 

7 August

Fred Rattray's selfie in Crackpot Cave on 31 July

28 July

Sue Martin and Kath Rigg in Selside Cave on Saturday 26th July.  Selside is one of a number of very interesting, if little visited caves, in the Alum Pot area. Selside Cave is a little gem.

19 July 


Boggarts in Porters Gate Coal Levels on 16 July


28 June

Tim Sullivan admires the hoppers in Carrock Mine on 24 June.   The mine was an important source of tungsten in the early years of the 20th century and was also worked more recenlty  until the 1980s.   

16 June

Pete Metcalfe nar  the top of the magnificent last pitch in Aquamole Pot last Saturday.

2 June

Gerry Myers exiting  the top of the first pitch in Wades Entrance on 23 May.  It was Gerry's first caving trip in 2 years and he  thought that Stream Passage Pot to Wades Entrance would be a good reintroduction.  

17 May, BPC at GG

Fred knows the sun has come out at last but Tim thinks it's still raining


7 May

 A pipistrelle rescued from a stream at Malham Cove on Bank Holiday Monday and taken to the RSPB people protecting the peregrine falcons.  A bat expert was called in who  took it away to try and nurture it back to health.

28 April

Pete Metcalfe at Bull Pot on April 26

22 April

Kay Easton in Scoska Cave, Sunday 20 April

1 April


See Tim Allen’s article about Open Access in the latest edition of Descent.  Do we really want Open Access for cavers?  The permit system works well and CNCC are improving communication about it.   Do we want a bigger tangle of ropes on Lancaster Hole, more erosion on the fells with more cavers using the quickest and most vulnerable routes to the caves, more damage to delicate formations and sediments, more secret caves because the finders fear for what will happen if access isn’t controlled?  Who would actually benefit from Open Access?  Responsible cavers already have as much access as they want.

March 28

Ged Benn digging a new lead in Notts II today

March 26

Andy Farrow at the start of the Manchester Bypass in County Pot, Saturday 15 March

16 March 2014



Northern Boggarts held its 32nd AGM last night.

Times have changed since then and the picture above was taken at an early family meet to Calf Holes on 2 October 1982.   

2 March 2014

Andy Farrow at Inlet 5.1 Notts II.  Both Inlet 5.1 are Inlet 8 are getting problematic but still we carry on.  Look in Digs in Boggart Youtubes for the latest videos


22 February 2014


Boggarts have been down at Box Mine near Bath - all easy walking and scrambling but interesting with many artifacts, ex MOD areas and a nice picture of a donkey.   Ken Geddes’s picture above nearly won a prize in a local photographic competition. There is the chance of another trip down there on 8 March.  Follow the link to see what it is like down there.

6 February 2014

Pete Monk in Ashnott mine on July 6th 1963 and in the same place more recently - well not that recently - July 16th 2009.  At long last the description and survey of our 2009 explorations are complete.  Follow the link.

18 January 2014

When we arrived at Inlet 5.1 in Notts II yesterday the collapse was even bigger.  Are we digging underneath a surface shaft?

9 January 2014

Descending a mine shaft near Ben Scar on 8 January.  See more pictures in the Photo Gallery